Are you thinking of gaining ACCA certificate?

21.08.2015 08:46

Let me tell you a little bit of the facts - ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is one of the largest and fast-growing global bodies for professional accountants.  The organisation consists of 170.000 members and 436.000 students in 180 countries. If you are currently in the process of earning the ACCA certification, you may want to know that you’re not alone, there are also thousands candidates around the world who also study.

They are dreaming of worldwide respectable qualifications designed for people who are interested in improving their skills in the areas of accountancy, finance and management. The organisation’s goal is to support its members and students to develop successful careers, provide the qualifications of the highest quality, as well as to promote the highest professional, governance and ethical standards. Do you like it?

Acca factsThe ACCA’s main qualification is the Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA). It’s one of the most prestigious professional qualifications in the scope of accountancy and finance. The average length of the course is from three to four years, the student has 10 years to complete all of the exams after the registration in ACCA organisation. To qualify as an ACCA member, the candidate needs to complete:

  • Up to 14 professional examinations concerning accountancy, taxation, law, finance and management.
  • Professional Ethics Module.
  • Practical Experience Requirement.

ACCA members recommend getting ACCA qualification. Why?
They are simply proud of being a part of global body and having qualifications which are valid all over the world. ACCA’s support in continual professional development of its members is also widely appreciated. Moreover, If you are an ACCA member, you are a leader - others follow you. Have a look what ACCA FB fans are saying:

“This program is profitable! Many people are ignorant about financial matters and financial management. It unlocks your understanding about finances and after acquiring such knowledge, you can now apply that skill and knowledge in your business. “

“It's the best qualification that deals with accounting, audit, taxation and business analysis that I've seen. It pushes you to levels beyond the sky. I personally sit with professionals from other fields and it's quite impressive to know what ACCA can actually equip you with.”

“Its profitable and beneficial. First I thought that ACCA is only about being an Accountant but now I realised that it teaches you about being Business-man.”


Enjoyable, exciting, essential, global - that is how ACCA members describe their jobs. They take advantage of worldwide perspectives - watch how ACCA certificate opens door to international career in finance

Meet ambitious people who chose ACCA as their accountancy qualification. Among risk analysts, financial analysts and commercial finance managers nobody complain about boredom at work. They love their challenging jobs and emphasize benefits of ACCA degree. Watch video and draw inspiration from their speeches!


That is to say that ACCA membership is your key to professional opportunities throughout the world. And because the portability of this professional qualification is one of the main reasons people undertake ACCA studies, you’re likely to run into fellow members, should you opt for a globe-trotting career or a fixedterm overseas stint to bolster your CV with international experience.

Moreover, ACCA memberships gives you employment opportuniteies across all sectors.

Firstly, ACCA members are in demand as auditors and accountants; many act as consultants in specialist fields, advising multinationals on tax strategy, transaction support, corporate recovery, risk management or forensic accounting; others manage and own their own practices, providing accounting and bookkeeping services to SMEs (small and medium enterprises) and growing businesses

Secondly, ACCA members include CFOs, financial controllers and heads of finance, leading finance teams across a host of sectors. Increasingly, ACCA members are moving into wider business management roles, as CEOs or directors of resources, with remits spanning other head office functions; others use their transferable skills to springboard into entrepreneurial roles, setting up their own businesses. 

Thirdly, The skills and competencies typically exhibited by ACCA members make them highly sought after by public bodies and charities, keen to manage scarce resources effectively and embed best practice in financial reporting, systems and procurement.

Summing up, ACCA certificate helps:

  • increase your earning potential
  • improve your career progression opportunities
  • provide international mobility to your career

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