[Salaries, Poland] Become a CIMA student, increase your income!

15.09.2015 09:17

Are you satisfied with your salary? Have you been thinking about compensation increase?

A recent survey conducted by Charted Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) in 2014  showed that on average CIMA students in Poland earn 3 times more than their colleagues who do not take or pass CIMA exams. The graph below compares CIMA students’ average monthly salary with the average salary of accountants and the Polish national average.

Going further, salary satisfaction among the CIMA students in Poland is also higher. In 2014, 72% of CIMA students said that they are satisfied with their salary and expect positive salary development over the upcoming year. Such expectations hold good numbers, most of the students expect payment increase in the range from 11 to 20 percent with assumed economic growth of 3%.

The salary increase is not the only motivation for taking CIMA exams. 66% of CIMA students stated that CIMA certificate opens new opportunities for them for working abroad. The most popular countries of relocation are the UK, Germany and Switzerland. CIMA students expect to progress gradually up the career ladder and become a true business partner for the other companies. The main expertise CIMA students aim to gain are Financial reporting, Project management, Leadership, Strategic planning and implementation and Data analysis.



With economic growth anticipated to strengthen, and positivism among CIMA student in Poland regarding business development, availability of money for investments, and increase in staff recruitment promise a pool of opportunities for CIMA student at their home country and abroad.