[Salaries, UK] CIMA students’ and members’ salaries in the UK

25.09.2015 10:10

CIMA certification is popular all over the world and provides great opportunities for a salary increase, promotions and acknowledgement.

In 2014 CIMA students and qualified CIMA members in the UK were earning on average £67, 960 annual comparatively to average national UK salary of £26, 884.

Level of salary satisfaction among CIMA students is also very high, 77% percent stated that they are satisfied with their current salary, yet they expect it to rise by 6 – 9 % over the next year. Such expectations show that CIMA students and members are positive about their future career and quality of life.

Work mobility and flexibility are other reasons to consider of becoming CIMA student. Over 62% of students and 54% of CIMA members expect to change the job over the next coming years, and consider the possibilities of going abroad. The most popular countries of relocation for CIMA students are the USA and Australia. The main motivators for moving into these countries are salary increase, new culture experience and improved quality of life. Watch the video below and check what CIMA students say about this certification.



Even though the UK is still recovering after economic crisis, in the light of recent salaries increase throughout the country, inflow of finance and business students, and rising competition in the business, CIMA students expect to build such skills as Financial reporting, Personal development,  Leadership, Strategic planning and implementation, and Data analysis. Such set of skills will help them to stay competitive in a fast developing environment as well as pursue their business and personal goals.