What do I need CIMA certificate for?

14.09.2015 09:15

The process of obtaining the CIMA professional qualification takes couple of years, is expensive and requires a lot of  learning and effort. Afterwards we receive a piece of paper which certifies our knowledge and skills in management accountacy. What job prospects does it offer and is this game actually worth the candle?


"Becoming a Chartered Management Accountant can accelerate your career and boost your salary. It is a proven path to business success.", "Regardless of the discipline, we need leaders, leaders who can think broadly accross disciplines - and this is what CIMA brings to the table." In the Internet there are a whole host of similar positive opinions about CIMA qualification. The most proper rating, in our opinion, is a degree of CIMA-certified employees’ satisfaction with job (and of course significant increase in salary). How do these aspects look like?

  • According to CIMA certified people, you get knowledge you can use to do your job, for example as a management accountant, really well. You gain more respect from the people in the organization, because you prove you understand different technics and sit the exams, you’ve gained core experience also. Moreover, when you are quite young and you are qualified, people have more professional respect for you.

  • 33% of CIMA professionals report earning more than $380.000 per year, compared to just 6% of other financial advisors.

  • Both solo and team practices with CIMA professionals manage twice the assets per client and generate twice the revenue per client compared to other practices.

  • 70% of practices with a CIMA professional attract 75% more of their clients’ investment assets

The CIMA Professional Qualification provides a unique set of skills that enables finance professionals to use the right information in the right way to make essential strategic decisions. Moreover, CIMA members are not confined to the finance function only; they work in many different industries including fashion, sport, travel, media and publishing to name just a few.

The video below confirms that thanks to this certificate you can develop your career in all areas of business


So to conclude, the CIMA job prospects are very extensive and obtaining this certificate enables its holder to find a work of his or her dreams in every company around the world. The effort put in studying pays off as the knowledge and skills acquired during the preparation to the exam are very useful in everyday work. 

The current job offers are available on the Cimaglobal webpage.


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