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  ACCA qualification for those who strive to broaden their knowledge in accountancy. Now you learn for free!

In the online ACCA course you will find materials carefully created by professionals holding ACCA Qualification. Course coordinator takes care that new content is being added on the constant basis and always up to date

All materials for F1 and F2 are accessible for free to any registered user.

Besides, don’t forget that on the platform you will meet all these ambitious people, just like you, who chose ACCA as their accountancy qualification. Ask any question on the discussion group, score other students answers, earn points for posting your own questions! 


F1 Accountant in Business:
  1. The business organization, its stakeholders and the external environment
  2. Business organizational structure functions and governance
  3. Accounting and Reporting systems, controls and compliance
  4. Leading and managing individuals and teams
  5. Personal effectiveness and communication
  6. Professional ethics in accounting and business

F2 Management Accounting:
  1. The nature, source and purpose of management information
  2. Cost accounting techniques
  3. Budgeting 
  4. Standard costing  
  5. Monitoring performance and reporting 
  6. Performance measurement

ACCA Fundamentals preparation:

- F1 Accountant in Business
- F2 Management Accounting

Free courses include: 
lessons, quizzes, practice problems, SuperMemo, open questions

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Are you thinking of gaining ACCA certificate?
Let me tell you a little bit of the facts - ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is one of the largest and fast-growing global bodies for professional accountants.  The organisation consists of 170.000 members and 436.000 students in 180 countries. If you are currently in the process of earning the ACCA certification, you may want to know that you’re not alone, there are also thousands candidates around the world who also study.