[Salaries, UK] CIMA students’ and members’ salaries in the UK

25.09.2015 10:10

CIMA certification is popular all over the world and provides great opportunities for a salary increase, promotions and acknowledgement.

Everything you need to know about CIMA certificate!

21.09.2015 08:29

Considering career in accounting and looking for the opportunity to improve your qualifications? Let’s check if the CIMA certificate meets your expectations!


[QUIZ] Are you destined to be an investment banker?

19.09.2015 11:05

Do you want to be an investment banker? Take the test and check what profession suits your personality the best!

CFA job opportunities

17.09.2015 19:36

Many people who have to do with economy and finances on daily basis think of taking the CFA exam and getting certified in the hope of increasing their chances to be employed or to find a better, well-paid job. Below we present the job opportunities that the CFA holders have. 

[Salaries, Poland] Become a CIMA student, increase your income!

15.09.2015 09:17

Are you satisfied with your salary? Have you been thinking about compensation increase?

A recent survey conducted by Charted Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) in 2014  showed that on average CIMA students in Poland earn 3 times more than their colleagues who do not take or pass CIMA exams. The graph below compares CIMA students’ average monthly salary with the average salary of accountants and the Polish national average.

What do I need CIMA certificate for?

14.09.2015 09:15

The process of obtaining the CIMA professional qualification takes couple of years, is expensive and requires a lot of  learning and effort. Afterwards we receive a piece of paper which certifies our knowledge and skills in management accountacy. What job prospects does it offer and is this game actually worth the candle?

ACCA exam - Fundamentals and Professionals, the snapshot

04.09.2015 09:57

Are you ready to try your hand?
There are some technical aspects which you should definitely bear in mind!
The Exams are divided into two levels: Fundamentals and Professionals. The student can attempt up to maximum of four papers per examination cycle.

[QUIZ] How well do you know the most famous investors?

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Are you thinking of gaining ACCA certificate?

21.08.2015 08:46

Let me tell you a little bit of the facts - ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is one of the largest and fast-growing global bodies for professional accountants.  The organisation consists of 170.000 members and 436.000 students in 180 countries. If you are currently in the process of earning the ACCA certification, you may want to know that you’re not alone, there are also thousands candidates around the world who also study.

They are dreaming of worldwide respectable qualifications designed for people who are interested in improving their skills in the areas of accountancy, finance and management. The organisation’s goal is to support its members and students to develop successful careers, provide the qualifications of the highest quality, as well as to promote the highest professional, governance and ethical standards. Do you like it?

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) - how to obtain this prestigious certificate?

20.08.2015 15:35

CFA certificate is the most prestigious and respected investment destination in the world, recognised by many employers as a symbol of professional excellence. Therefore, obtaining such a qualification signifies the expertise with the broad range of skills needed in the investment analysis and decision making, including portfolio management, assets valuation, fund management, investment advice and etc. If you are interested in developing your career in finance and gaining the CFA credential, this article is definitely for you. If not, let us convince you to have a try at reaching this certificate :)


[POLL] Which certificate is the perfect fit for you?

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