CFA job opportunities

17.09.2015 19:36

Many people who have to do with economy and finances on daily basis think of taking the CFA exam and getting certified in the hope of increasing their chances to be employed or to find a better, well-paid job. Below we present the job opportunities that the CFA holders have. 



                     Assuming you are already a CFA charterholder. What job opportunities do you have?

There are numerous occupations available to a CFA, and new uses for the tools developed in the rigorous exams that are constantly being updated by experts and generalists to reflect the current financial environment.

According to reserach, if you’ve passed a CFA exam, you’re best off applying to work in asset management, equities (including research), fixed income, or hedge funds. What is more, CFA pass will seem to ingratiate you with big name banks. It’s enlightening that CV’s mentioning ‘Goldman Sachs’ are most likely to contain some mention of CFA qualifications – and that CVs mentioning ‘Royal Bank of Scotland’ (or RBS) are least likely to.

Examples of charterholder careers include, but are not limited to: portfolio manager, investment analyst, risk analyst, chief investment officer, performance measurement analyst, risk manager and private wealth counselor.

Organizations such us JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America Corp., Citibank, etc. are not only keen to take CFA charterholders but also encourage their employeesto take the exam with some of them even financing the course fee for employees.

CFA Charter holder has a good scope of earning than the non-credential peers. The CFA salary for a professional is determined based on various factors such as experience level, job description, job type, sector, and employer type and company size. The average salary for CFA in the USA is $85,000 as per Oct, 2012 result forwarded by Simplyhired, a popular search engine of jobs.

Equally important, professionals with their CFA designation out-earn their colleagues without the charter with 10 or more year’s relevant experience by 24%.

What is more, the gap in earnings is even greater among all employees regardless of levels of experience: those with the charter earn an astounding 54% higher compensation than those without.

Below you can watch a video presenting detailed job prospects of CFA Charter Holder.


Becoming a Certified Financial Analyst is an experience that will set your groundwork for the jobs you will be up for upon completion.  The exams are not easy, and once you have passed and completed them all, you should be ready for any challenge you may encounter in your job!


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