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CIMA Fundamentals of Management Accounting:
  1. Cost identification and behaviour/Apply methods for identifying cost.
  2. The context of management accounting
  3. Cost identification and behaviour/Demonstrate cost behaviour (part 1)
  4. Cost identification and behaviour/Demonstrate cost behaviour (part 2) 
  5. Planning within organisation
  6. Accounting control systems (part 1) 
  7. Accounting control systems (part 2) 
  8. Decision making

CIMA Fundamentals of Management Accounting preparation.

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What do I need CIMA certificate for?
The process of obtaining the CIMA professional qualification takes couple of years, is expensive and requires a lot of learning and effort. Afterwards we receive a piece of paper which certifies our knowledge and skills in management accountacy. What job prospects does it offer and is this game actually worth the candle?

Everything you need to know about CIMA certificate!
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[Salaries, Poland] Become a CIMA student, increase your income!
A recent survey conducted by Charted Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) in 2014 showed that on average CIMA students in Poland earn 3 times more than their colleagues who do not take or pass CIMA exams. The graph below compares CIMA students’ average monthly salary with the average salary of accountants and the Polish national average.

[Salaries, UK] CIMA students’ and members’ salaries in the UK
In 2014 CIMA students and qualified CIMA members in the UK were earning on average £67, 960 annual comparatively to average national UK salary of £26, 884.